Do what you love...

 and you will never have to work a day in your life.


 Mark Twain

Want to learn from me?

In my previous jobs, both coaching and workshops were a big part of my job. I have great experience in personal development, coaching, sales optimization, mindset, sales psychology and communication. If I believe in something, I'll make it happen! 

When you book a workshop or a mentor session with me, you'll get a passionate and experienced mentor, who creates results, motivates and inspires. If you think that we would be a great match, feel free to reach out!


Let's work together and take your photography business to the next level!

"Mia was working for us as a Sales & Training Manager. She was always passionate and motivated in her work, and had great skills to take these qualities further to our employees. Mia was very target motivated and rich in her ideas and was making great results with our teams in overseas destinations".



- Tiia Dilek

Nordic Customer & Service Manager - Nazar Nordic/TUI

Some examples of subjects we can cover are:

1:1 editing & presets

Some of the things we can go through:

Finding your style


- Lightroom



- Compositions

- Retouching


Creating the look you want

Storytelling style

Weddings / Lifestyle / Editorial

Starting Up

1:1 photography

Some of the things we can go through:

- Camera settings

- Shooting in manual

- Shooting techniches 

- Finding Light

Lights + Shadows

Directing a couple/guiding

Posing prompts




Weddings / Lifestyle / Editorial

Starting Up


Some of the things we can go through:

Social Media

Portfolio + Website review

Attracting your dream client

Guiding a couple

Workflow + Editing

Advice on advertising and marketing

Seeing the light

Travel / Destination weddings


Starting Up


When I have new and customised workshops coming up, they will be posted right here.



1:1 mentor SESSIONS


Mentor sessions will cover what you need to know or learn. I am an open book and will be happy to help with whatever subject you want covered - photography, camera settings, editing or business-related topics. Could be anything from attracting and booking my dream clients, shooting and to the final delivery of images, blogging and getting featured. Nothing is off the table, you can ask anything + everything! You choose what we focus on.


1:1 sessions, my full concentration will be on you and your development

-All mentor sessions are tailor-made to fit your current level, knowledge, and skills. (The above topics are therefore not obligatory)

- Pre-Skype/Zoom/Facetime meeting, to clarify your needs, goals, and expectations, so you get the most out of your sessions


One Hour // € 160

Two Hours // € 300

Four Hours // € 500

(Two/four-hour sessions can be split into 2/4 times 1-hour session)


Two Hours //  From € 450

Four Hours // From € 800


*Payment plans are available by request

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